June 5, 2012


Well, you all know I needed this...
That's my adventurous husband in the front, and 3 of his followers.

But this one has always chosen his own roads. A contemplater like his Momma. 

My Grandma's birthday was a wonderful reason to head to the coast.
Happy 85th birthday Mamo!

We took a week off and went west along with this lovely couple. (and a lot of other family!) 
Aren't they just a great looking pair? They certainly don't look old enough to have 9 grandkids!
I love you Mom and Dad! And we sure enjoyed spending the week with you.

(Hanging out with cousin Natalie)

Could the boys possibly have any more fun? 

Catching crabs... 

And snakes... 
The man on the left is my uncle who has spent his life studying, catching, and teaching all things snake. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to share his knowledge with these 8 listening ears.

I feel rejuvenated, friends. Ready to finish this final week of school, then head south to attend my step-son's high school graduation next week. Aaaah! Did I just say high school graduation?! When did he grow up?! They're all growing too quickly! Do you see these young men passing me up in height? Yep, these are my babies.


  1. passing you up in height for reals! wow.

    i don't know how you came back from vacay and home schooled. i'm so done come maycation time.

    1. Ya, I have to admit the norm is to announce..."end of schoolyear!" a bit prematurely each year and not feel the least bit guilty about it. But this year we were a bit behind and it's Nate's first year of high school, so I had to persevere. It was Not. Easy. lol :)